Wildfire & Drought Threat in Texas

6 03 2009

Today,  Governor Rick Perry, State of Texas, requested the Secretary of Agriculture to designate all 254 counties in the State of Texas disaster areas for 2009 for the purpose of making available emergency loans or other appropriate relief for physical and economic losses to aid in overcoming this disaster.   A copy of the letter from Governor Perry to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack can be found here:   Governor Perry Letter

The Governor’s Drought Council will convene on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 to discuss the ongoing drought and effects to the State of Texas.  The current situation is critical.  The near term outlook for precipitation through May 2009 continues to paint a bleak picture for continued drought with very limited rain forecast to help alleviate the extreme drought conditions.

Fortunately, Fort Bend County has been spared damage from the lack of rain and windy conditions; unfortunately, no appreciable rain is predicted in near future.   Though a burn ban is not yet in place in Fort Bend County, all citizens need to be vigilant and careful when burning.  The County’s Fire Marshal, Vance Cooper, is diligently keeping an eye on the situation and, if needed, he will recommend the implementation of a burn ban to the Commissioners Court.



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