2009 MidCoast Hurricane Conference

8 04 2009

A couple of days ago, I promoted attendance at the May 1st Fort Bend County Emergency Preparedness Workshop (see 04-05 Blog entry).  Today, I am going to tell you about another conference taking place in the near future.  The 2009 MidCoast Hurricane Conference will be held at the Victoria Community Center (Victoria, Texas) on April 30th.   This conference is being put on by the American Red Cross and has a theme this year of “Together We Prepare.”  Sessions will cover food safety during emergencies; HEB’s Emergency Preparedness Program; Donations Management; and a 2009 Outlook on the Hurricane Season, presented by the National Weather Service.

I am honored to have been invited to be the Keynote Speaker.  I will be presenting information on Fort Bend County’s Response and Recovery from Hurricane Ike.  If time allows, and in honor of the conference’s theme, I may discuss our efforts to “prepare together.”  I am very proud of the efforts we have made over the last few years to make sure our many different agencies are prepared to handle crisis situations.  During Hurricane Rita, and especially during Hurricane Ike, all Fort Bend jurisdictions and agencies worked together to provide quick, coordinated and comprehensive response.  By networking, and “preparing together,” we provided the framework for melding a patchwork of jurisdictional and agency response into a coordinated County response.

For more information on the MidCoast Hurricane Conference, here is the information: 




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