Risk Communications for Swine Flu

28 05 2009

Emergency Management Forum held a “Live Chat” session on May 13th entitled Risk Communications for Swine Flu and Other Health Care Emergencies.   The guest for this session was Suzanne Frew.  Ms. Frew is an international consultant, speaker, facilitator and instructor in emergency management throughout the United States, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.   She has 20 years of public and private experience spearheading, designing and evaluating pre- and post-disaster risk and strategic communications, emergency management plans and partnership initiatives.

Through The Frew Group, her consulting practice based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Frew has worked collaboratively with government agencies, business, community and faith-based organizations to develop solutions that meet the unique needs and circumstances of stakeholders at the national, regional and local community level.  She specializes in the communication and strategic/tactical planning needs of multi-cultural, high-risk populations, addressing cultural, socio-economic and faith-based concerns of “communities within the community” to develop sustainable approaches that engage priority audiences.

The transcript of the May 13 session on Risk Communications for Swine Flu and Other Healthcare Emergencies is available at:




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