Prepare for Cold Weather in Fort Bend County

4 01 2010

If you have caught the news reports the last few days, you know that unseasonably cool weather, some might call it “cold” weather, will persist in our County for next week.  The primary focus is an Arctic front that will arrive in our area on Wednesday night.  Some chance of rain associated with the front so we could have rain mixed with some sleet on Thursday morning, though main sleet threat is north of Fort Bend County.

However, very cold temperatures will settle in behind the front and near record lows are possible Friday through Sunday.  Temperatures will drop through the day on Thursday, starting out at about 50 degrees and ending up at about 25 degrees.  It also appears that subfreezing temperatures are likely all day on Friday.  High temperature for Saturday is only expected to get to about 38 degrees.

Now is the time to get prepared, if you have not already.  Remember the following:

Pets:  Consider bringing you outdoor pets inside, especially dogs.  The cold weather along with the winds can be deadly to your pets if you do not take proper actions to provide them with shelter.  Make sure your pets have constant source of water; make sure that outdoor water bowls do not freeze. 

Pipes:  Protect your water pipes.  Water expands as it freezes which may break pipes; ice forming in a pipe can result in pipe failure.  Uninsulated pipes are at risk of freezing when temperatures get belwo 25 degrees for an extended period of time.  Seal any openings where cold air may get to pipes.  Leave cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms open so warmer air circulates around pipes.

Plants:  Sensitive plants should be covered and heavily mulched.  Plants can be covered with plastic and sheets to keep the chill off, but the covering should be removed as the weather warms up and the sun comes out to prevent the plant from heating up and burning the foliage.  Move any container plants indoors.



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