United States is Not Only Country Assisting in Haiti

14 01 2010

Hey folks—– I heard some political “humor” the last night that rubbed me the wrong way.  Americans are not the only ones assisting those suffering in Haiti.  In the city management profession, it is often said that “there is not a Democratic way nor a Republican way to fill a pothole; there is only the correct way.”  For those so inclined to use a disaster to posture forward a political position, please recognize that this is not the time for inane bantering about the subject; that is—- which country is doing the best job assisting Haiti. 

There is work to be done; the disaster is too big for one country to complete the job on its own; many are assisting— not just Americans; and politics and should not be entering into the conversation about how best to respond to the citizens in Haiti—– we all need to do it the correct way.

Recent reports on the Internet indicate that besides the enormous amount of aid coming out of the United States, that Cuba has sent 30 doctors to add to the 400 Cuban medical staff and two field hospitals already established in the Haitian capital.  Brazil indicates it is sending $10 million dollars in disaster aid and 28 tons of drinking water and food.  Peru is sending 50 tons of food, 18 medical staff and two field hospitals reports the country’s health minister.



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14 01 2010
Steve C

Kudos on a significant point. Being a raging liberal in ultra-right Texas, I am continually frustrated by this kind of our side/their side thinking. Good work and done where it shouldn’t piss anyone off! I sometimes miss that second part.

14 01 2010
Victoria Koenig

Right- or left- wing matters not….there are people hurting beyond our comprehension, and Jeff has really hit upon a salient point. We are all one in this great world and together we CAN help… in our own ways. The greatest travesty is to do nothing at all. Just think if everyone in the world gave $1.00 …. good blog!

14 01 2010
Bob Koenig

Jeff nailed it. Thousands are assisting. My friends with the United Kingdom Search and Rescue were some of the first on scene. While we are all focused on the now in Haiti, this catastrophic event will require years of response. A catastrophe requiring global response.

15 01 2010

Cuba? Are you turning pink? (j) USA #1

BTW, I’m in Iraq importing democracy. What happens if they get this thing better than us?

15 01 2010
Jeff Braun

Thank you for your response and your efforts in Iraq.

17 01 2010

I’m tired of my tax dollars being used for missions with no end in sight or clear exit strategies. Haiti is certainly a travesty but no matter how manny millions it receives in charity, they lack cultural, political, military institutions and a host of other necessities to maintain and advance their country. Now here is the United States to the rescue of another banana republic while our own is damaged and still rebuilding from our own natural disasters. Thanks world for all the help during Katrina.

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