Work Begins on New EMS Building in Rosenberg

14 01 2010

The article below was written by Don Munsch and appeared in the January 13, 2010 edition of the Fort Bend Herald.

Ground work is in progress on the new county Emergency Medical Service building on Highway 36 in Rosenberg.  The building, which will have just under 15,000 square feet, will be constructed behind the current building.  “We will have our own training classroom in there, which this building had originally, but as we continued to expand, that (space) was taken up by the billing office, and our training has been done off-site,” said Daniel Kosler, director of Emergency Medical Service for Fort Bend County.

With the new building, EMS will be able to house all of its vehicles, including its regional response trailers. EMS administrative offices will be in the new building once the construction is done.  “Pretty much what we have here will be just moving over there, except for the billing office,” Kosler said. “The billing (department) is a part of the treasurer’s office now, so they will stay here until the justice complex is completed and that will free up room in the William B. Travis Building. At that time, it’s my understanding that there’s plans to move the billing office there.”

Kosler said once the building phase of the EMS project begins, it will be finished in eight months. He anticipates it will be completed in August or September.  “We’re ecstatic,” he said about moving into a new building. “Right now we have some people sharing offices, which were originally meant for one person. We’re ecstatic about being in a building that is safe. I’ve been told by a county engineer that’s no longer with the county that our gas canopy out here (behind the EMS building) is wind-rated higher than this building. So we will feel safe in that building. We won’t have to be concerned about relocating the staff during times of a potential hurricane strike.

 “We’re looking forward to this new facility,” he said. “It’s going to allow us to hold the medical supply inventory that’s currently housed out back here in a separate building. All of that will be under one roof.” 

The new building will have four dorm rooms, a conference room, offices and classrooms, among other rooms. The building will have bays for vehicles and storage space for the medical supplies.  “It’s our understanding that, at this point anyway, this building would then be lowered or destroyed and an additional parking would be here,” he said. “But anything could change between now and then.”

The current building was constructed in 1985.  “It’s lasted us 24 years,” Kosler said. “Hopefully this one will last us a lot longer.



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