Lamar CISD Schools Complete Successful Tornado Drill

11 02 2010

As a follow-up to my last blog entry about Lamar Consolidated ISD’s emergency preparedness efforts, below you will find an article that was printed in the Fort Bend Herald on February 9, 2010.  The article was written by Juan Carlos Reyes.

Although the weather was calm, there was a tornado-like atmosphere in Lamar CISD schools Monday, particularly those along Mustang Drive in Rosenberg.  “Toto, go back to Kansas,” were the code words coming from Lamar CHS Principal Michael Milstead, letting the students know it was a tornado drill.

One of the reasons for the districtwide drill was to determine the response times at each campus, said Christy Willman, Executive Director of Community Relations.  Once the drill was completed, each campus was required to e-mail the completion time to district headquarters.

The LCISD schools that participated are all located on Mustang Drive, including Lamar Consolidated High School, Lamar Junior High, Wessendorff Middle School and Smith Elementary School — faced additional scenarios during the drill.  “The district had a similar drill a week and a half ago”, said Lamar CHS secretary Dora Piñeda.

“We had different signs instructing students where to go last time,” Piñeda said. “It was a little confusing last time, and it took longer to organize the kids.”  This time, the students from all portable buildings, as well as the students inside, were lined up as students calmly made it down the hall, sat down facing the wall and had their arms covered on their head.

Attending the drill was Danny Jan, with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. He called the drill a learning experience.  Tianay Geathers, a paraprofessional with Lamar CHS, called the drill a success.  “The kids were great,” Geathers said. “We know that we needed to prepare in case it happens, and I think we are.”



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