Missouri City Tuning In To A New Source of Emergency Information

27 09 2010

Missouri City residents can now tune into a new information station—1690 AM. Staff has completed the installation of the City’s low-power broadcasting station and it is on the air.

“The station will primarily be used to transmit weather bulletins and traffic and road construction updates, featuring directions to City landmarks and events,” said Fire & Rescue Service Chief Russell Sander. “The station will also allow the City’s Emergency Operations Center to provide information and instructions during amber alerts, flash floods, hurricanes, power outages and other emergencies.”

“After seeing a need for this service following Hurricane Ike, when all types of public information outlets were inoperable, including the internet, telephone and cell phones, the City realized that we could still put out emergency information by radio when all other sources were down,” said John Sheffield, Missouri City’s Division of Emergency Preparedness Chief. 

In case of a similar situation in the future, the City’s low-power AM radio station will be accessible to the public via a hand-cranked or battery-powered radio, providing staff with another avenue to share important emergency messages with residents. All City residents should be able to tune in and no special reception equipment is required. Signs will be installed along major roadways alerting residents to the new station.

City Council approved the purchase of the $44,895 radio station at its June 7 meeting. More than 35 low-power AM Radio stations are currently operating in Texas, including one by Fort Bend County. “These stations are a critical part of the emergency notification system in jurisdictions across the country, including in Stafford, Fort Bend County and Harris County,” Sheffield said.

Source of this entry was a Missouri City News Release issued on September 27, 2010.  For further information, contact Stacie Walker, swalker@missouricitytx.gov



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