Missouri City Awarded Grants For High-Tech Emergency Response System

22 11 2010

From a recent Missouri City News Release, November 22, 2010:

Missouri City is taking the first steps toward implementing a high-technology radio system that will provide residents with more efficient and effective responses from both the Police Department and Fire & Rescue Service.   A total of $463,917 in federal grant money awarded to the City will allow the Police Department and Fire & Rescue Service to purchase radio consoles that enhance the implementation and coordination of emergency response communications.

 The funds, received from the Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative grant program, will help improve first-responder communications. The grant is funded 100 percent by UASI and does not require a local match from the City. The money will be used by the Fire and Police Departments to start the replacement of radio consoles used to dispatch firefighters and police officers to emergency scenes.  At their Nov. 15 meeting, City Council members approved the purchase and installation of the new equipment, which signals the beginning of the City’s transition to a mandated digital radio system for the City’s emergency communications systems.

Fire Chief Russell Sander and Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald noted that the grants “will greatly assist our departments in enhancing the City’s 911 communications center.”




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