Blood Drives Scheduled For Critically Injured Fort Bend County Deputy

28 12 2010

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is holding a blood drive for Deputy John Norsworthy from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. tomorrow, Dec. 29, at the Sheriff’s Office, 1410 Williams Way Blvd. in Richmond.  Norsworthy was in a serious car accident while on duty last night, and remains in critical condition.

He has already used approximately 48-units of blood and doctors are having a difficult time finding the source of his bleeding.   Fort Bend County Road & Bridge is having a Blood Drive today from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. at 201 Payne Lane, Richmond, just off of F.M. 762.  For more information on that drive, call 281-342-4513.

Anyone 17 years of age and older is asked to help support Norsworthy. Norsworthy’s blood type is O – but it doesn’t matter what blood type the donor is.  Anyone and everyone that can are asked to donate.  If you donate blook at any other location than the ones discussed in this article, please provide them with John Norsworthy’s date of birth of 5/17/1971 so he can receive credit for the donation.

The accident occurred around 7 p.m. Monday at FM 762 at Benton Road. According to reports from the scene, Norsworthy was trapped beneath his overturned patrol cars. Richmond firefighters used inflatable rescue bags to lift the car off the deputy Norsworthy was flighted to Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center where he remains in serious condition with head injuries and internal bleeding.  

As of early this morning he was responding to medications and is undergoing a second surgery for the bleeding.

Anyone can help by donating blood under his name at any Gulf Coast Blood Center (plus his date of birth noted above).

Deputy Norsworthy started with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office in November 2008.  Prior to working at the County,  he was a Patrol Officer for Rosenberg Police Department.  He has a wife, Melissa, and two kids, Katie and Jacob.



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30 12 2010
Jeff Braun

Update – as of December 29th, the Blood Drive Coordinator indicated that the turn-out at the Sheriff’s Office was the largest he had seen in a long time, and definitely the largest for this year. So far, 391 donations have been made in John’s name (by using Group #5642). Yesterday, just at the Sheriff’s Office location there were over 200 walk-ins and 117 sucessful locations. Some folks were not able to donate (e.g. low iron count, had recently given blood, etc…) and, unfortunately, some folks had to leave because the line was pretty long. Some went to other locations, and even some of the other locations got inundated. What an awesome response! Thanks to all that donated or attempted to donate.

4 01 2011
Jeff Braun

Update on John – Source is Blog Update from John’s Sister:

Platelets- dropped to as low as 12 but rallied back to the high 40 range. Fluids are still a balancing act with his blood pressure being so low. They have significantly decreased the pain meds and he is not on any sedation meds. The circulation to his fingertips is still being promoted with warm blankets but they continue to get poor circulation as a result of the all medicines still in his body. It was explained to us that when your body goes into shock and has as much trauma as he has the body goes into survival mode to protect the vital organs – which is why the poor blood flow to his fingers. They did mid afternoon bring the OR to his room. They closed his abdomen as well as wash out and repack his left arm. He remained stable through the surgery and it was done at the bedside because of full OR’s not because he wasn’t able to make the trip. They were not able to put the temporary cast on earlier but plan to do that during the night sometime. He is less reliant on the ventilator for his breathing than he was yesterday. He still is not stable enough for an MRI so lots of unknowns remain but we will go with it because that is our only option for now.

Each time I saw John today I was reminded of Psalm 46:10, “be still and know that I am God.” I have repeated that to myself over and over today. I know God, I know that He is good, I know that He is able, I know that He is with us, that when we see Him nothing else will matter but on this side of heaven this is hard to process! I miss John and I don’t like not knowing the end of this story.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with John please.

4 01 2011
Jeff Braun

Benefit Account for John – From David Schultz, Sgt, FBC Sheriff’s Office:

The Fort Bend County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has established a benefit account at the Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union for John Norsworthy and his family. This account will assist in defraying the expenses incurred for lodging, parking and meals, while the family stays at his side during this critical period. As you can imagine, these expenses alone can cause a financial hardship on anyone. We are in the process of identifying all of the financial burdens the family has and/or will suffer as a result of this horrible accident. We will continue to strive an assist them in any way we can. I am calling on all of my fellow co-workers and public safety officers, family and friends to join me in making a monetary donation (no amount is too small) to the John Norsworthy benefit account and to continue to pray for John and a speedy recovery. Donations can be made at any Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union branch. Additionally, they may also be mailed to John Norsworthy Fund (Account No. 0358570300), c/o Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union, 4911 Mustang Ave., Rosenberg TX 77471 If you have an account with Brazos Valley, you can also make a transfer by calling 281-342-8245.

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