2011 Texas Legislative Session – February 13th

13 02 2011

Below you will find a listing of Emergency Management related bills as of February 13, 2011:

HB 614   –  (Hopson)  Relating to allowing health care providers to provide services across state lines in catastrophic circumstances

HB 1030 – (Miller) Relating to the powers and duties of certain emergency services districts

HB 1075 – (Anderson) Relating to the consolidation of certain alert system into a single statewide alert system and to the addition of other factors that will prompt an alert under the consolidated system

HB 1092 – (Christian) Relating to the exemption from certain construction requirements for volunteer fire departments in certain counties

HB 1147 – (Smith) Relating to notice by a governmental entity regarding certain geospatial data products

HB 1174 – (Workman) Relating to the expiration of a county burn ban

HB 1217 – (Miles)  Relating to a residential tenant’s right to vacate a dwelling and avoid liability for rent following the declaration of a state of disaster; providing a civil penalty

SB 418   –   (Williams)  Relating to the carrying of concealed handguns by certain persons attending a school board meeting

SB 432   –   (Jackson)  Relating to the penalty for failure to make a timely installment payment of ad valorem taxes on property in a disaster area

For a PDF listing the above bills:   billreport 2-13-11

If you know of other bills that I may have missed, please leave me a comment and let me know!  Also, please consider subscribing to this blog to receive the legislative information directly.



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