Fort Bend County: A snapshot of information – August 20, 2011

20 08 2011

TROPICS:     No Immediate Threat to Fort Bend County.  Monitoring Tropical Disturbance 31.

EXTREME HEAT:     Heat Index will reach 106 degrees today.  Heat Advisory in effect for Fort Bend County until 9:00 pm tonight.  Good chance that heat advisory will be extended.  Upper-level high pressure will remain parking over south-central portions of the nation over the next few days; this means that extreme heat conditions, as well as extreme drought conditions will persist over Fort Bend County into the early part of next week.

DROUGHT:     The KBDI Drought Index Level is at 756.  This is an extreme level indicating severe drought and increased wildfire occurrence.  Nine counties in our immediate vicinity are all above the 750 Level.  Drought conditions are forecast to continue into next week and beyond.  Little or no rain is projected for the coming week.

WATER SYSTEMS:     Per information from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, roughly 19% of the County’s population live in areas with voluntary restrictions on the use of water.  Roughly 10% of the County’s population live in areas which have implemented Stage 1 water use restrictions.