Fort Bend County Growing Fast

18 02 2011

As reported by the Fort Bend Now, February 18, 2011, “the U.S. Census Bureau has released preliminary reports naming Fort Bend County the second fastest growing county in Texas, moving up a spot from the 2000 Census where it ranked third. 

The county experienced 65.1 percent growth in 10 years and has an estimated population of 585,375.  Fort Bend remains the 10th largest county in the state with an annual average population increase of 23,000 people. It is also the fastest growing county in the Greater Houston area.”

The county is very diverse.  As reported in the Houston Chronicle by Jeannie Kever, February 18, 2011, Fort Bend County “has been a majority-minority county for years.   

“I think it’s one of our greatest assets,” said County Judge Robert Hebert.

Latinos now make up 23.7 percent of Fort Bend County’s population, compared with 36.2 percent Anglo and 21.1 percent African-American. Asians account for 17 percent of the county’s population.  Hebert predicted that Fort Bend County could reach one million residents by the 2020 Census.