Exciting Day for Fort Bend Seniors

4 03 2015

FBS logoOne of OEM’s key emergency management partners is having a special day today.  Today Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels will be holding its groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new 3,600 square foot administrative building—-more about this project is described below in an article from the Fort Bend Herald that was published yesterday.  For many years, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has worked collaboratively with Fort Bend Seniors to deliver emergency preparedness materials to the clients of Fort Bend Seniors.  Fort Bend County Health and Human Services (HHS) is another key player in emergency management in our County and they also work closely with Fort Bend Seniors to help identify those individuals in our community that might need special assistance before or after a disaster.  So, today, staff here at OEM is very happy for Fort Bend Seniors and we look forward to working closely with the agency for many years to come.

Fort Bend Seniors prepares for the future

Here’s a nod to the Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels, which will be holding its groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday to celebrate a major milestone in nonprofit’s history with the renovation and expansion of the Senior Center in the O’Shieles Community Center and the construction of a new 3,600 square-foot administrative building, which will be adjacent to the center.
What’s notable about this $3 million capital endeavor, is that it is a collaborative project between Fort Bend County and Fort Bend Seniors, with major funding provided by the county, Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation, George Foundation, Fred and Mabel Parks Foundation, Gulf Coast Medical Foundation and the FBS board of directors.

To date $2 million has been raised completing Phase I of the campaign, and plans are underway to raise the remaining $1 million by the end of 2016.
Since inception 40 years ago, Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels has served over 3.4 million congregate and home delivered meals to older adults age 60 and over, regardless of income, in Fort Bend and Waller Counties.

Through its efforts, Fort Bend Seniors has helped seniors remain independent by enhancing their quality of life through services and resources.

This project is also an important preemptive measure for the nonprofit. Studies show that within the next 15 or so years the population of senior citizens will double and for the first time in history, people 65 years old and older will outnumber children under five years of age.

The groundbreaking will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the Bud O’Shieles Community Center at 1330 Band Rd. in Rosenberg. Other elements of capital project include: renovation of the Bud O’Shieles Community Center to provide for a library, education and activity rooms, and a care area for seniors with early signs of dementia; and a new kitchen to more efficiently deliver meals. (Published in Fort Bend Herald on Tuesday, March 3, 2015)

Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels provides Cooling Center to beat heat

17 08 2010

Day upon day of Heat Advisories have been issued for Fort Bend County.  No sign of the heat letting up.  Article today in Fort Bend Herald noting how one of our local non-profit agencies is assisting those who have a difficult time finding a cool place during this heat wave.  The article is below:

As the summer heat continues, the need to stay cool becomes all the more important, especially for the elderly.  To get out of the heat, Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels provides a Cooling Center for those with no place to go during the hot summer months.  And for those that cannot get to the location, Fort Bend County Public Transportation can help them get there.

The Cooling Center is located at the Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels, 1330 Band Road in Rosenberg , just behind the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds off of Highway 36.  The building is open from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday- Friday, and it is air conditioned. The Cooling Centers also provides water fountains and leisure activities (cards, board games) for those who visit.

If anyone needs assistance getting to and from the Cooling Center please take advantage of Fort Bend Transit Services.  Fort Bend County currently offers shared ride bus services to the citizens of Fort Bend County.  The scheduled ride transportation service provides trips within Fort Bend County.

Trip fares are $1 per person each way. Passengers must be ready 15 minutes before scheduled pick up time.  This is a curb-to-curb service; however, persons with disabilities may request door-to-door service.  All passengers must wear seat restraints. Seat restraints must be provided for children 40 pounds or less. Passengers 12 years or younger must be accompanied by another person 18 years or older.  For more information please call 281-633-RIDE or 866-751-TRIP.

For those who can’t get to the Cooling Center and don’t have air conditioning, here are some tips to stay cool:

• Just add water: Ball up and soak a T-shirt in the sink, wring it out, put it on and sit in a lawn chair (or other chair that lets air through to you) in front of a fan. Re-wet as it dries. Make sure not to soak it with cold water. It can be colder than you think. Wear a short-sleeved shirt and put water on the sleeves. If there is a breeze or fan blowing on you, you can actually get cold.  Use a squirt bottle, the sink or hose if outside to keep your sleeves wet.

• Dress for the heat: Wear light colors and natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen) rather than polyester, rayon, or other artificial fibers.  Covering up may actually keep your cooler, especially if the heat is low in humidity.  By protecting your skin from the sun beating down, you’ll also shade your skin.

• Go downstairs: Warm air is less dense than cooler air so it ends up layered on top of the downward moving cooler air.  If you’re in a house, for example, get lower than the roof. Make your way to the basement or lower level. It will be cooler there.