Spontaneous Volunteers

2 04 2009

The National Emergency Management Resource Center [NEMRC] presents the second in their series of Brown Bag Live Lunches – Conference Calls – Monday, May 4th at Noon with Anne GrunewaldHarnessing the power of spontaneous volunteers

There are only 50 spaces available on a first-invitation-accepted your-space-is-reserved basis. If you would like to receive an invitation from NEMRC please send your contact info via email to: ideas@tems.ca

Harnessing spontaneous volunteers is such an important part of disaster response and recovery and yet it is often referred to a “problem” by emergency management. The guest host, Anne Grunewald, is convinced that organizations can attract motivated and potentially long-time volunteers by utilizing well-thought out intake and support systems designed to increase retention rates. Anne also believes that it is a responsibility of a community to have mechanisms for the public to support their own healing by having systems in place that incorporate volunteers into recovery programs.

A bit of background about Anne Grunewald:

Anne is a senior-level executive with a record of accomplishment in program creation, development and organizational capacity building. She has progressive experience in disaster preparedness, international development, and arts administration. Her expertise includes large-scale project launches, systems analysis, and strategic planning. Anne is recognized for her leadership, her ability to build consensus among diverse communities, and effective negotiation. Anne’s list of recent clients includes the American Red Cross in Greater New York, New York Disaster Interfaith Services, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Metropolitan Council on Government, State of Louisiana, and City University of New York – School of Professional Studies.