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10 responses

8 01 2010
Jay trujillo

Encouraging tidbit of news, for I am very interested in the EM field. You and I met several years ago when I was living in Richmond, TX. I moved to Naperville, IL 4 years ago. Since then, I am have been involved with the Dupage County OEM as a volunteer Emergency Prep instructor.

I have a ttached a copy of my linked in profile. Nonetheless, you have done many geat things for Fort bend County.

8 01 2010
Jeff Braun

Jay, great to hear from you and reconnect. Hope things are going great in Illinois. Naperville is a great City. Not sure if you remember that I grew up in Chicago area and many of my family and friends still live there. As a matter of fact, last year, I visited for the area and got a chance to make a presentation to a group of Emergency Managers from primarily the Northwest Suburbs. I talked about the effects of Hurricane Ike on Fort Bend County. Great chance to compare notes with a great group of emergency management professionals. Fort Bend County CERT Program is going well also—- we just graduated a class of 64 in Sugar Land and early this year we will graduate our first TEEN CERT class. Have a great 2010!

27 09 2010
Cherie Hyatt

What’s coming up for the FBFMA? Very sharp group of dedicated professionals in this group. Environmental Allies wants to support Andre McDonald and his group.

Best regards,
Cherie Hyatt

9 10 2010
Louise Hornor

Good morning:

I noticed that your website links to John Solomon’s “In Case of Emergency” blog ( John has leukemia and lately has been quite ill and hospitalized.

Would you consider sending him an email or leaving a comment on his blog, offering some words of support?

I have never met John, but am a reader of his site and appreciate the work that goes into his compiliation of preparedness articles.

Louise Hornor

3 06 2011

Dear Jeff,
I am glad I found this great resource. I worked several years with UNICEF in different countries, also in the field of emergency. I just started a blog on emergency management, I would be honored if you would like to check it out from time to time.

9 06 2011
Jeff Braun

You have great looking blog and lots of worldly experience. Very impressive. As you will find out, blogging does take some time, but it does have a tendency to be addictive. My blogging objectives are to focus on emergency management issues affecting Fort Bend County and the Houston region and State of Texas to some extent. I am hoping it has value to both the public and the emergency management professional. Thanks for viewing my blog and thanks for commenting!

25 10 2011
Scott Maddox Branch Manager Grainger

Are there any charitable organization working to assist victims of the recent fire.

26 10 2011
Jeff Braun

You might try the United Way. Perhaps contact Natasha Rosofsky, Disaster Relief & Recovery Manager, 2-1-1 Texas, United Way Capital Area, tel 512.472.6267 x236

22 06 2012
Rebecca Lasse

Jeff, can you help? I’ve been trying to find a map of Fulshear Simonton VFD District 4. My homeowners insurance increased by $1,000 this year because I was covered by a Katy FD and now I’m supposedly in Fulshear Simonton VFD District 4. I just want to be able to confirm that’s true.

23 06 2012
Jeff Braun


Sure, let me see if I can find out more information. What is your address please?

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